Next Level Scoreboards: Non-Financial Measures
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
3:50 PM - 4:50 PM: Concurrent Sessions IV
Room: Senator's Lecture Hall
It's no big revelation that business scoreboards feature key financial stats, which are long-time traditional measures of business success. Many innovative businesses, including New Belgium Brewing and Zingerman's, now measure success on three bottom-lines, resulting in innovative metrics and non-financial measures on their scoreboards. But how far can you successfully go with the tracking of non-financials? What about metrics that are purely subjective? Or objective metrics whose only tie to the financial bottom lines is based on your gut? We believe that knowing how to measure is not a limit to tracking organizational priorities, and that our more interesting metrics sometimes ultimately result in the best financial results.

In this session, we'll feature an assortment of Zingerman's creative, off-the-beaten-path, non-financial measures. Join us to hear examples from three very different parts of the Zingerman's organization: a training business, an events venue, and an IT team. We'll each discuss the metrics we chose, why we chose them, how we measured, and how these key non-financial measures drove behavior changes and different outcomes. In addition, we'll ask participants for their own out-of-the-box measures, then we'll get participants thinking about what non-financial measures they want to track!
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