How Employee Committees Can Improve Your Culture
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM: Concurrent Sessions III
Room: Sapphire
SRC acquired its Lexington, Kentucky operation in 2009 when the operation's previous owner had downsized and ultimately planned to close the business. The first challenge that SRC Lexington faced was a daunting one: how do you build an ownership culture when all the employees, including the management, are used to a top-down, command and control culture?

In this session you will hear the story of SRC Lexington's Great Game journey. Rob Shear, the General Manager of SRC Lexington, will take you through the challenges the company faced in building the culture, how the employees overcame those setbacks, and what SRC Lexington is doing currently to sustain and improve. Rob will talk about what turned out to be the biggest catalyst for the culture: employee committees.

Rob will take you through SRC Lexington's Ownership Culture Committee, Safety Committee, and Community Relations Committee, and how they have helped to build employee engagement. You will hear about:

*Executive and middle management's role in forming and sustaining committees.

*How to develop and empower effective employee chairs who can run committees with minimal management supervision, and without the committee going off track.

*How effective committees are a good way to let employees develop their own initiatives and make decisions.

*How effective committees can have a strong impact on the rest of the employees and can build credibility for the culture.

*How to utilize committees as a succession development tool for both front line employees and managers.

This session will provide you some practical steps on how to set up, grow, and maintain effective employee committees that will engage your employees and help you grow your culture.
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