The Great Game of Corporate Wellness
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
2:30 PM - 3:30 PM: Concurrent Sessions III
Room: Emerald
Lifestyle disease costs over 75% of the health care dollars being spent in America today, but with education and understanding, lifestyle disease is reversible. By holding employees accountable for their health and lifestyle choices in a simple and transparent fashion, companies provide their best chances at decreasing lifestyle disease. Applying the principles of The Great Game of Business to corporate wellness, research and experience show that companies can increase employee engagement, reduce health care costs, and create a "culture of wellness" in the workplace.

The Great Game of Corporate Wellness, a philosophy pioneered by Wellness Data Solutions, is a blend of science and behavioral psychology designed to address the biggest drivers of health care costs. This involves new tools used to quantify, simplify and describe specific lifestyle disease risks to employers and employees. A company's data, effectively collected and analyzed, is the key to reducing insurance costs and unnecessary spending on participation-based wellness programs that fail to get needed results. The critical element to success is collecting the appropriate data, translating the data to the employee in a way that helps them understand their risk, and providing tools and motivation necessary to make positive changes.
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