Staying the Course: Maintaining OBM Through Growth and Change
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
3:50 PM - 4:50 PM: Concurrent Sessions IV
Room: Sapphire
Rapid growth. Employee attrition. Leadership changes. There are a variety of pressures that can cause an organization's vibrant open-book management culture to subside over time. In this session we will explore the impact of growth and organizational change upon employee culture and ways in which management and staff can work together in order to develop a winning OBM culture that can be scaled up as an organization grows and changes. During this presentation we will look at case studies of companies who were able to retain and improve upon their OBM culture during times of growth and change. In this session, we will brainstorm GGOB as part of the employee onboarding process, ideas for forming an employee-run culture committee, and ways in which management can implement ongoing processes to identify, develop, empower, and steward employees at all levels of the org chart to be champions of OBM. The audience will be provided with a take-home document with tips on how to build a sustainable and scalable OBM culture.
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