7 Steps to Building Practical Financial Literacy
Thursday, September 7th, 2017
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM: Concurrent Sessions I
Room: Governor's Lecture Hall
Are you ready to level up your game? Players ready? Scoreboards ready? Bonus activated? Then...Press Start to begin Game.

How to play:
Learn and use the "7 Steps to Building Practical Financial Literacy," to create engaging activities for your company.

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this:

- A wand/sword

- An engaged team willing to learn

- Reliable financials

- Practical training

Training can be seen as costly and boring. It doesn't have to be. psst... here's the cheat code:

Continuing your staff's training can be efficient, effective, and your staff can have F.U.N., Fully Understanding the Numbers. In this interactive breakout session, Mark Banks and Aaron M. Clay will demonstrate "7 Steps to Building Practical Financial Literacy," assisting leaders creating productive, innovative, and easy-to-build financial literacy activities.

The seven steps, (you won't believe #5!) cover how to begin, define your goals, identify where your learners are, and finally design exciting activities that empower your entire staff to "think like a boss!" By using techniques such as gamification, info bites, and self-paced directed learning we can remove the stereotype of training. We can turn any workspace into a space for learning, exploration, and fun. Join Mark and Aaron turning 'HA-HA into AH-HA' bringing play into your workspace turning your breakroom into the classroom.

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