High Performance Cocktail: Blending Open-Book and Change Management
Friday, September 8th, 2017
9:30 AM - 10:30 AM: Concurrent Sessions V
Room: Topaz
The pace of change continues to escalate, putting pressure on organizations to move the right information quickly, accurately, clearly and in multiple directions to achieve better results.

In this session, learn how to blend two potent ingredients - open-book management and focused employee engagement - to create a high-performance cocktail that creates sustainable gains. By looking at three case studies, you'll learn how to create successful pilots or experiments and how to replicate them across your entire organization, marrying open-book management and focused engagement to harness the energy of the organization to focus on meeting or exceeding customer requirements.

Take a deep-dive into three well-known companies who drew upon the high-performance cocktail to create big wins, then replicated them across their organizations:

- FedEx Express wanted a huge boost in export sales. Using a cross-functional team that included sales, operations and staff employees, FedEx increased exports in Los Angeles by 23% in less than four months while generating a 1,500% ROI. The pilot process was replicated at five more FedEx locations, creating a $6.1 million increase in revenues and at 1,700% ROI.

- An ITT Corporation operation needed to improve operating income by connecting its people to the income statement and creating a huddle and scoreboard-focused continuous improvement process. Over five months the operation improved on-time delivery 38%, total cycle time by 31% and it reduced OSHA recordables from 13 to 0. The process was replicated in three more operations.

- Ryder Logistics needed to reduce costs created by damage in their distribution centers. By harnessing the power of its people in a Midwestern distribution center, the company created a new communication process and changed a leadership compensation plan that was causing the damage. In a few months, damage declined by 65% and productivity increased by 16%. The process was replicated across the company.

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