How a to Build an Assessment and Impact Model Using Quality Matters and Professional Development
Suzan Harkness, Associate Professor, University of the District of Columbia
Are you looking to document impact and outcomes? Do you want to design an assessment model around the ROI of professional development and the use of QM design standards? Well, step right up, no lions, no tigers, no bears; just facts, models and approaches to getting you on your way to modelling your efforts and measuring success. This round-table discussion will unfold a successful model and engage others to share ideas on how to implement an approach on their own campuses. We will discuss where data is housed, how to build a data warehouse, connect the dots, and build a collaborative campus tool.
Learning Objectives:
Define and identify the locations of data that are necessary in constructing an assessment model.
Recognize and discuss potential barriers to access and collaborative modelling.
Outline a partner/collaborative construct to begin thinking about how you might take this approac
Intended Audience (role):
Instructional Designer
Intended Audience (experience level):
New to QM
Experienced with QM