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John Ernst, VP, Solutions & Insights, Wiland
John is a 20+ year veteran of the direct marketing industry, spending his career working with nonprofits, including 15 years at Paradysz. John is currently VP, Solutions & Insights - Nonprofit Industry at Wiland. He is a member of the DMANF Advisory Council and the DMA Ethics Policy Committee.
Karen Gleason, Senior Director, American Diabetes Association
Karen has a wealth of experience developing and managing programs of some of the largest nonprofits in the country, as well as agencies. She has recently moved back to the health charity side, where she is directing fundraising for American Diabetes Association.
Megan Gibeau, VP, Client Services, NNE Marketing
Meg has 20+ years' experience raising funds and awareness for a variety of nonprofits, focusing on analyzing and translating data into innovative fundraising initiatives. She has held senior strategic and service positions at multiple agencies, and she is a member of the DMFA and DMANF.