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Kathleen Zwiener, Fundraising & Development Specialist, Like A Fox Consulting
It was no surprise to anyone when Kathleen ended up in fundraising. Her commitment to social justice led her to 3 years at Amnesty International AU. and she's now in Chicago running a boutique consultancy, Like a Fox. If she likes you, you might just get your very own mug thrown from her pottery wheel.
Christy Spenlé, Regular Giving Coordinator, Médecins Sans Frontières Australia
Christy is a face-to-face fundraising specialist. She cut her teeth fundraising for Greenpeace in 2000 and has now worked extensively in the UK, US, and Australia. Her goal is to improve the quality of F2F donors and their journey, internationally.
Anna Walsh, Director Marketing & Fundraising, Good Return
Anna is a fundraiser and an obsessive nerd about how we communicate and how to do it better. She's been professionally obsessing for about 15 years now and has been lucky enough to do so in the UK, the US, South Asia and Australia. She's now based in Sydney.