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Dollar Dash -- Leveraging Social Influence to Maximize Fundraising and Mission Alignment
Thursday, August 3rd, 2017
11:15 AM - 12:30 PM: Breakout 2
The session will take a deep (and fascinating) dive into the ways our social networks shape the way we engage with nonprofit organizations.

Much of the time people's behavior seems irrational because we are viewing it through too narrow a lens. Nearly always, social context plays a huge role. People don't make decisions in isolation from their social groups - friends, family and acquaintances. They're influenced by what people in their social groups think and do, as well as by what those outside their group do. Decisions are influenced by who we identify with and by our desire to fit in. Current decisions are influenced by past decisions.

Peers motivate us to action. Understanding how this mechanism works allows us to unlock people's desire to engage in prosocial behaviors and create situations that are conducive to connecting in meaningful ways with nonprofit organizations.

Examples of using psychological principles to maximize fundraising and engagement in specific client campaigns will be discussed, including the new MD Anderson Cancer Center Book Walk event and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night walks. Finally, data will be presented demonstrating how you can move (some, not all) zero dollar fundraisers to higher than average fundraising levels by using specific psychological strategies.
Learning Outcome #1
By attending this session participants will learn:
A person's "intrinsic label" is huge factor in determining whether or not they will engage with a nonprofit's mission. You want people who are "cancer evangelists," over someone who "donates a few hours each month to the ACS." Nouns beat verbs.You will understand how to grow intrinsic labels.
Learning Outcome #2
By attending this session participants will learn:
In order to boost acquisition it is necessary to do more than have a great message/marketing. You must move people to behave -- even in small ways -- which can then be leveraged to strengthen their connection to the mission (think: ice bucket challenge).
Learning Outcome #3
By attending this session participants will learn:
Avoid the mistake of interacting with your supporters on a transactional basis. People who are in market relationships (are involved because of something you give them) rarely come back over time. People in social relationships come back because, "it's the right thing to do." There are specific things you can do to avoid the former, and encourage the latter.
To enhance the attendee's learning experience, we are looking for a variety of presentation styles. Please indicate your style: A panel of presenters
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