Schedule at a Glance

Leadership for Digital Learning Near and Far - The View from International Schools
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM:
Room: Superior A
Format: Concurrent Session - 60 Minutes
Primary Essential Skill: Leadership and Vision
Secondary Essential Skill: Stakeholder Focus
Audience: School System Administrators
Brief Session Description: Effective leadership practices are not limited by the world map. This session reflects that reality by examining how digital learning leadership is exemplified in international schools, and how those best practices can enlighten our audience about their own leadership development as it applies to supporting a digital leap and education equity. Research collected via the Speak Up Project in 2016 and 2017 from students, teachers and administrators in international schools worldwide serves as the foundation for understanding how digital learning is implemented in international schools and what that usage tells us about the leadership practices in place. Building upon that foundation, a panel of technology leaders from international schools (virtually) and US schools (at the conference) will reflect and compare their challenges and approaches to digital leadership. Topics of discussion include supporting instructional goals, communications and data management, engagement with stakeholder groups and strategic planning for connectivity.
Skill Level: Beginner