Schedule at a Glance

Making Blended Work for Schools So that Schools Work for Kids
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM:
Room: Huron
Format: Concurrent Session - 60 Minutes
Primary Essential Skill: Instructional Focus & Professional Development
Secondary Essential Skill: Strategic Planning
Audience: School System Administrators
Brief Session Description: Classrooms are progressing, but the world for which we're preparing students is changing even faster. How do we nurture the 4 Cs within classrooms and students and initiate and sustain a digitally-enhanced learning transformation? We have had success by:
1. Acquiring easy-to-use, support, and sustain cost-effective devices.
2. Addressing technological needs, from infrastructure to identity management.
3. Managing the implementation of our digitally-enhanced learning transformation.
4. Integrating resources - both print and digital - into existing materials.
5. Informing instruction through growth-mindset assessments that accurately measure progress.
6. Committing to initial and ongoing professional learning:
o Using devices for teaching and learning?accessing content and demonstrating mastery.
o Leveraging resources within teaching and learning.
o Creating units that meet prioritized standards and respect students' current levels of readiness.
o Transforming classroom experiences with innovative blended physical environments, pedagogies, and strategies.

We will share experiences, examples, and guidance within this session.
Skill Level: Intermediate