Schedule at a Glance

VR Pavillion
7:30 AM - 11:45 AM:
Room: Ohio
Brief Session Description: Background on VR
Over the past 12-24 months, significant advancements have been made with respect to virtual and augmented reality. Technologies only accessible via advanced and very costly equipment are now available on almost any smartphone. Individuals must simply acquire a virtual reality viewer that is obtainable for less than one US dollar. Virtual and augmented reality provides individuals with access to high quality immersive and interactive based content. As a result, educators and behavioral therapists are now able to economically deliver 3-D personalized and immersive content to displaced populations.

CoSN VR Pavillion
The CoSN VR pavilion will allow attendees to interact with new and emerging virtual and augmented reality devices and content. Attendees will be able to experiment in this hands-on experience and learn about different use cases including:

1. Professional Development
2. Curriculum and instruction in math, science and social studies
3. Improving school climate

Attendees will be able to travel virtually all the way from Mount Everest, Hawaii, Louvre Museum, International Space Station to going straight inside the human heart.

The following VR equipment will be available in the pavilion.

? Google Expeditions
? Google Cardboard
? Microsoft Hololens
? HTC Vive
? Samsung Gear 360 Camera

We invite you to come to the CoSN VR pavilion to play and learn about virtual and augmented reality.