Schedule at a Glance

The Consumerization of Learning
9:15 AM - 10:15 AM:
Room: Chicago Ballroom
Format: Spotlight Session
Brief Session Description: Learn about the disruption at hand for the way leaders lead education digitally. If schools fully discover and adapt around the ingenuity of consumerized learning, it has the power to give teachers back quality time with students. Hear practical leadership advice combined with valuable education market insights from the dynamic founder of the Learning Counsel and author of the book, The Consumerization of Learning.
During her spotlight talk LeiLani will touch upon:

- The 2016 Digital Curriculum Strategy National Survey findings.
- Sustainability in the age of digital management for schools.
- The end-point of digital transition: maximized live experience and quality digital learning, also known as Expo Education.
- A software model architecture.
- A digital curriculum evaluation matrix and how to use it.