Schedule at a Glance

Earthquakes: a catalyst for transformation in post-quake Christchurch
3:15 PM - 3:45 PM:
Room: Mississippi
Format: Concurrent Session - 30 Minutes
Track: International
Brief Session Description: In 2011 Christchurch suffered a massive earthquake causing widespread damage to buildings, land and infrastructure across the city. Many schools were significantly affected through damage to buildings, land and shifts in demographics. It was recognised that such disruption also provided opportunity for city wide transformation.

As a result the Grow Waitaha project was developed to support the 132 schools transform schooling across the city, leveraging the disruption caused by the earthquakes as a driver for change, a catalyst for a new vision for learners. The goal is to assist schools to achieve pedagogical transformation in a meaningful and manageable way, with a network of support.

Grow Waitaha is responsive, inclusive, innovative, and forever evolving. It has multiple workstreams and at its heart are Learners at the Centre of Change This presentation will explore the initiative and key learnings.

Grow Waitaha is led by an alliance, a partnership between education providers, local iwi (indigenous tribe) and the Ministry of Education in consultation with Primary & Secondary Principal associations. A unique aspect is the role of Ngai Tahu (local iwi) who stand alongside the Ministry, guiding the partners to put our Māori learners at the very centre of the project. It's an uncompromising position, challenging us and holding as true and focused on our shared moral purpose.