Schedule at a Glance

Withrow Award Winner: Melissa Dodd, Building Digital Districts: How can CTOs partner for district transformation?
1:15 PM - 1:45 PM:
Room: Michigan A
Format: Concurrent Session - 30 Minutes
Brief Session Description: CTOs must partner across functional areas and departmental lines to foster district transformation through technology integration. The role of the CTO is evolving - no longer are CTOs just leading operations-focused departments - they must ensure coherent adoption of technology to support schools and departments to achieve instructional and strategic priorities.

With experience leading technology divisions in Boston and most recently in San Francisco, Melissa Dodd will explore topics such as:

· Building bridges with other departments in supporting the integration of digital content
· Challenges a CTO faces entering a new education system
· Recommendations for other CTOs to prioritize their time when working in a new district
· The importance of context: surprises and "ah-ha" moments
· How to prepare a district for a digital future