Schedule at a Glance

Learners at the Center: A Change Management Process for Personalized Learning
1:15 PM - 1:45 PM:
Room: Chicago Ballroom
Format: Spotlight Session
Brief Session Description: Classrooms are not reflecting the shifts that our 21st century universities and workplaces are demanding, nor are they serving our students as well as they could in this emerging digital age. Educators, politicians and parents are playing catch-up to find ways to better prepare our schools for the complex shift to personalized learning. In Rhode Island, Highlander Institute has been deeply engaged in studying national models, innovations, theories, and research around blended and personalized learning to support implementation efforts across the state. Watching this work evolve over the last five years we've learned that most efforts fall flat when large scale, unproven products are applied to large swaths of teachers with minimal training and little connection to a larger vision for change. Instead, we've found success when focused leadership identifies a small group of growth-oriented teachers to help in co-developing a vision and system to drive behavior at scale. This session will be both a case study around the growing movement and demand for personalized learning in Rhode Island as well as a practical explanation of Highlander Institute's district change development framework.