2016 TxDLA Conference

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
1:30 PM - 2:20 PM: Breakout Sessions
Upswing: Understanding Your College's Personality to Maximize Student Success
Every college has a slightly different personality which determines many facets of the college environment - from the types of students they attract to the types of technology they use. The first step in maximizing student success impact is understanding the personality of your college to drive technological decision-making.
Track: Innovative and Best Practice
Room: Mission A (Floor 2)
Alex Pritchett, Upswing, Founder & COO
Alex is the co-founder and current head of operations at Upswing, where he focuses on understanding the needs of college students and administrators in order to deliver truly impactful student success software. Before starting Upswing, Alex founded an organization that helped Latino youth by providing cultural and academic programs facilitated by local student volunteers. After seeing the impact that the program had on student success rates, he set out on a journey to bring free student support to students across the country. With products ranging from online tutoring to learning center management to virtual advising, Upswing is his way of helping to make sure that no students goes unsupported.