2016 TxDLA Conference

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
9:15 AM - 10:45 AM: Opening Keynote Address
Opening Keynote: Ground Zero to Defying Distance Sponsored by Blackboard / Awards Presentation
*Sponsored by Blackboard * In order to push towards "unimaginable limits" in distance learning, we've got to have a firm foundation for ignition. Explore the distances we're attempting to overcome and how important it is to collaboratively "lock arms" and "push" together. TxDLA truly has the opportunity for the whole to be greater than the the sum of its parts. With a solid foundation, there are no limits to the possibilities.
Room: Lone Star Ballroom (Floor 2)
Dr. Lance Ford, Cisco, Educational Technology Advocate
Prior to joining Cisco, Dr. Ford served as a teacher and technology facilitator/coordinator for Howe Public Schools in Howe, Oklahoma. Working for Cisco, Dr. Ford continues to work out of the Howe Public Schools location and has an opportunity to help incorporate a wide variety of technological tools to reach its 21st Century student population. Central to these tools is the infusion of video technologies at all levels. Dr. Ford's experience in establishing the one to one laptop initiative at the elementary level allows him first-hand knowledge of how to implement video conferencing, collaboration, and individual podcasting projects into the curriculum. He knows the ins and outs of videoconferencing and he has worked with over 2500 teachers across the nation on implementing videoconferencing into their curricula. He is a multi-media specialist with teaching experience, technical experience, expertise with numerous technologies, and he loves to help teachers feel comfortable with technology. He believes that it is not the technology that impacts the student learning, but rather the faculty member's willingness to authentically leverage various technological tools. In this, teachers engage learners through a variety of modalities and increased learning opportunities are the outcome. Dr. Ford is a former president of the Oklahoma Distance Learning Association.