2016 TxDLA Conference

Tuesday, March 29th, 2016
11:10 AM - 12:00 PM: Breakout Sessions
Amazing Instructor Support Increased a University's Accelerated Online Master's Program
This engaging panel session will focus on successful design, strategies, components, and methods in developing and coordinating a successful online teacher support program. You'll learn what a major university program offers to orient, inform, and support a diverse set of instructors in a growing program.
Track: Faculty and Student Support
Room: Mission A (Floor 2)
Linda Stromberg, University of North Texas, Coordinator and Lead Advisor, Master's in Educational Leadership Program
Linda Stromberg, Ph.D. is the Coordiator and Lead Advisor for the Master's In Educational Leadership and Principal Certification Programs at the University of North Texas. She teaches the following courses: Instructional Leadership, Professional Development and Supervision, Administration of the EC-12 Curriculum, and School Communications. She serves on the advisory council of the University of North Texas at Dallas Teacher Education and Administration Program and the Teacher Education Council at UNT. In addition, she received the UNT College of Education award for Outstanding Lecturer in 2010 and the UNT 2012 Exemplary Online Teacher and Course Award.
Dr. R. Jefferson George, University of North Texas, Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education and Administration
Dr. R. Jefferson George began his career in education as a media specialist, with his main focus to support instruction in a college classroom through a growing use of the available technology. He has decades of experience providing distance education using multiple methods. He created his own video production company, creating videos for classroom instruction. Returning to the University of North Texas, he became a mentor in a graduate student teaching program, and began writing faculty professional development courses. He has returned to his interest in learning technologies and, besides developing courses in the master's program, is developing a series of online doctoral courses for the doctorate in Educational Leadership. Dr. George is continuing research into the development of an engaging instructional platform in a virtual environment and understanding the online experience of the native digital learner. In addition, he received the UNT 2015 Exemplary Online Teacher and Course Award.
Ms. Alese Smith, University of North Texas, Online Instructional Designer
Alese Smith is an experienced authority on online pedagogy and online teacher professional development programs, with wide-ranging experience in meeting needs in a variety of organizational and educational settings. She was a member of the team that developed the first national virtual high school in 1996, co-designing and coordinating its fully online teacher preparation course. She helped define the first set of national online course standards for course design and teaching, and the effective best practices in supporting online instructors.

Her programs teach the philosophies and skills for the successful delivery of effective online instruction. She has decades of experience helping learning institutions plan and provide teacher development programs. She publishes on her research and is co-author of Essential Elements: Preparing, Designing, and Teaching Your Online Course, used as a text in numerous college programs. She is the Online Instructional Designer for the UNT College of Education's Accelerated Online Program.
Mr. Raymond Rose, Rose & Smith Associates, President
Raymond Rose has over two decades of experience creating and managing online teacher development programs. He has developed a national reputation as an expert in the field of online education, and focuses on accessible and equitable online learning experiences for all learners. He is President of Rose & Smith Associates.