2016 TxDLA Conference

Monday, March 28th, 2016
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM: Preconference Workshops
Mix Up Your PowerPoint with Mix
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Track: Trends in Educational Technology
Room: Bowie A (Floor 2)
Steven Stone, Cypress-Fairbanks ISD, Instructional Technology Training Coordinator
Mr. Steven S. Stone is the Cypress-Fairbanks ISD Instructional Technology Training Coordinator since August 2012. Steven is a Texas Certified Educator and Administrator. He received his undergraduate degree in Telecommunications from Texas Southern University, December 2005, and his graduate degree in Educational Leadership from University of St. Thomas, December 2011. Moreover, Mr. Stone is very intrigued with technology and how it has integrated itself with education. He is very passionate about learning and teaching the concepts of technology to all who are willing to learn and use it to navigate through life. He says, "when using technology in the classroom, a person needs to know more than how to use; they need to know and exhibit how to infuse."