2016 TxDLA Conference

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016
2:00 PM - 2:50 PM: Breakout Sessions
Leveraging Your TxDLA Membership as a Student/Member/Exhibitor/Partner/Sponsor
What does TxDLA have to offer you? You would be amazed what capabilities our members possess. How do you leverage it? Who do you call? No matter who you are, you are represented by a Board of Directors representative and the organization will work tirelessly to support your needs.
Track: Research
Room: Mission A (Floor 2)
Mr. John Copeland, TxDLA, Corporate/Private Sector Director/ Executive Partnership Council Chair
John Copeland is a 20 year veteran of the Distance Learning marketplace that has been involved with TxDLA since before the first conference ever took place. Having worked at VTEL, Polycom and VBrick and engaging with TxDLA with each each engagement, he has a unique outlook on the organization and the value that it offers each of its members, partners and sponsors.