Presenter: Mimi Kantor, Technical Account Manager, ROI Solutions
After many years of living in NYC, working in Film, Photography and at a few Non-Profits, Mimi relocated to Boston, MA where she worked as a Non-Profit Technology Consultant advising small to medium level sized non-profits on what technology might help achieve their mission best. She guided these clients through a requirements gathering process designed to help them choose the best CRM/eCRM's or Content Management systems that would fit timeframe and budget. Her projects ranged Performance Management systems to a consumer intake helpline for Universal Health Care, a substance abuse helpline and various Fundraising and Development databases. Much of her work involved designing systems to track indicators and outcomes and migrating data from one platform to another.

Mimi and ROI got to know each other first in 2013 while working on a joint project with a common client. By 2014 an opportunity became available with ROI in Client Services and she's been here ever since.

Mimi holds a M.A. in Media Studies from The New School for Public Engagement in New York. Every once in a while, she'll dust off her WordPress or Final Cut skills to help a small nonprofit out with some pro bono media consulting.
Presenter: Joe Rupp, National Lab Director, Fund for Public Interest
Joe Rupp currently works as the National Lab Director with The Fund for the Public Interest, a national non-profit that runs fundraising, membership-building and petition-gathering campaigns for some of the leading environmental and public interest groups in the country. Joe grew up Virginia before attending school at the University of Illinois. He started working with The Fund in 2004 and has more than a decade of experience running and overseeing canvass operations. He spent his first three years with The Fund running campaign offices in Ann Arbor, New Orleans and Denver and then four more years as a Regional Director overseeing campaign offices primarily in the Pacific Northwest and Southwest parts of the country. In his current position, Joe is focused on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of The Funds' canvass operation through extensive testing and the incorporation of technology into the canvassing process. Over the last year he's lead The Fund's transition from clipboards and paper-based documentation to a tablet-based digital outreach platform. He's currently focused on streamlining the campaign director job experience, increasing the long-term value of the supporters identified through the canvass and improving the campaign messaging The Fund uses on its canvasses.
Presenter: Russ Oster, Founder and CEO, Grassroots Unwired
Russ' first experience in the world of grassroots organizing came when he was an infant and his mother pushed him in a stroller door to door to collect signatures for the Impeach Nixon movement. Eighteen years later he embarked on his college career in Washington, DC and during that time developed a passion for campaigns and elections that started with an internship on the campaign of the first woman ever elected to Congress from the State of Virginia. For the next 15 years Russ lived and breathed campaigns, running field operations in a wide range of races and for a number of coordinated campaign efforts. When it became obvious to Russ that the technology existed to make field efforts drastically more efficient and accountable but the solutions did not, he launched Grassroots Unwired and has worked every day since to keep GU on the cutting edge, pushing new features and enhancements to meet the needs of every evolving grassroots organizing efforts.