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Farshid Sam Rahbar, MD, FACP, ABIHM
Friday, October 16th, 2015
11:15 AM - 11:45 AM: Plenary Session
GI Manifestations and Treatment Options in Lyme and Common Co-Infections
Dr. Rahbar is a holistic and an integrative gastroenterologist in Los Angeles.

He practiced traditional gastroenterology until 2006, when he realized the need for bringing a functional model of care into his GI practice.

In 2007 he completed Integrative Medicine training and obtained ABIHM status. He then completed additional training in Anti-aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine and achieved board certification through A4M. He then completed additional training in functional medicine through IFM, Institute for Functional Medicine.

In 2013, he realized the potential for Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases (TBD) presenting primarily with GI manifestations. This immediately opened the door for further learning, the fist of which was ILADS basic training in Oct 2013.

By December of 2014 his practice had seen over 100 cases of Lyme and/or TBD presenting with GI manifestations.

The experience in his practice over the last several years has emphasized the role of infections, acute and chronic, in causing ongoing GI related conditions and symptoms.

Dr Rahbar has significant interest in areas of dysbiosis, SIBO, "leaky gut" and measures that help these conditions. Like many other experts, he believes that integrity of the GI system is crucial to the start of treating Lyme.