Competently Designed: Building Capacity to Support the Competency-Based Revolution
Laurie Dodge, Vice Chancellor of Institutional Assessment and Planning, Brandman University
Charla Long, Founding Dean, Lipscomb University
In the last eighteen months, the number of higher education institutions publicly committed to competency-based education (CBE) has risen from 24 to over 225. Undersecretary Ted Mitchell said, "CBE is...the single most promising set of innovations we have to make improvements against the challenges facing our education system today." (Competency-Based Education Network convening July 22, 2014). The marked increase in interest and commitment to CBE presents significant challenges for instructional design professionals. This seminar is designed to better equip instructional designers with the competencies needed to meet the CBE demands on their campuses.

Using a customized and interactive workbook, participants will better understand how to effectively design and build instructional modules based on the competency-based learning pedagogy. Then participants will explore the benefits and barriers for programs based on demonstrated learning and not seat time, focusing on how instructional design can positively impact this revolution.
Learning Objectives
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer