Leveraging the Power of Online Learning to Facilitate Quality Degree Completion
Uncovering Your Inner Learning Objectives
Evangeline Varonis, Instructional Designer and Sr. Lecturer, The University of Akron
Litsa Varonis is passionate about QM and currently holds roles as a Master Reviewer and both f2f and online facilitator. She was honored to serve on the 5th Edition Rubric Committee, specifically the Standard 2 and Standard 8 sub-committees. She works at The University of Akron.
Inspired by QM reviews of courses with "inner," unexpressed learning objectives, this session distinguishes among goals, objectives, and outcomes; summarizes cognitive, affective, psychomotor, and interpersonal domains of learning; identifies components of a learning objective; and presents examples of learning objectives implied by course components but not expressed. Participants will analyze text from real courses to identify errors in terminology and articulate inner learning objectives that represent crucial competencies or skills required for degree completion.
Learning Objectives
Distinguish key terms (e.g., goal, description, objective, and outcome).
Distinguish four different domains of learning on which objectives can be focused.
Identify "inner" learning objectives that represent important competencies or skills required for degree completion.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer