New Directions for QM
Using QM Alignment to Insure Online Groupwork Success
Pat Gibson, Adjunct Lecturer, Texas State Univeristy
Dr. Gibson has taught at Texas State for over 10 years. Her doctorate was earned in 2013 at Northcentral University, a fully online institution. Her area of specialization is the design and facilitation of online learning especially in the area of online instructor training in the use of group work.
Collaborative activities and group work are encouraged for online classes by many authors. Having students work together has long been recognized as a valuable teaching tool. Research shows that those instructors who have had success using collaborative learning have utilized similar steps. This session will explore the steps proposed and used by successful online instructors. The discussion will determine the different ways the steps can be expressed in online instructional design and which QM Standards best apply.
Learning Objectives
Recognize the steps or scaffolding needed for supporting students in collaborative activities.
Propose ways to explain to the instructor or instructional designer how to include this process in the online class.
Explore how to include these suggestions without directing how the class will be facilitated.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer