Next-Generation Technology Impacts on Quality in Online Learning
Italian and YouSeeU: Using Student Generated Video to Assess Language Learning Online
Penny Ralston-Berg, Senior Instructional Designer, Penn State World Campus
Penny Ralston-Berg is a senior instructional designer for the Penn State World Campus. Her research interests include student perspectives of quality and the use of games and simulations in online instruction. She recently co-authored the book *MindMeld: Micro-Collaboration between eLearning Designers and Instructor Experts* with Jon D. Aleckson (
Thinking about alternative assessment methods for your online courses? Stop by to see how YouSeeU was used to generate, store, and grade student-produced video in an online Italian language course. Also discuss the teaching and learning strategies behind the tool with an instructional designer for the course.
Learning Objectives
Explore tools available in YouSeeU.
Discover ways to intergrate video assessment into online courses.
Develop strategy for implementing video assessment in non-language courses.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer