New Directions for QM
How to Salvage a Face-to-Face Course Using QM Standards
Heather Price, Mathematics Instructor, University of Arkansas
This discussion will compare and contrast two face-to-face courses recently taught. One course used objectives and materials that were previously developed according to QM Standards for the online version of the course. The second course lacked this type of development. We will look at the advantages to teaching a face-to-face course using QM Standards and discuss strategies to redeem courses that have not been developed in this way. We will also complete an activity that illustrates how using objectives can improve coordination across several sections of the same course.
Learning Objectives
Improve student preparedness and attitudes by providing clear objectives.
Improve instructor confidence by clearly prioritizing material.
Improve coordination across multiple sections of a course.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer