Next-Generation Technology Impacts on Quality in Online Learning
Badges? We Ain't Got No Badges!
Melissa Edwards, Energy Sector Curriculum Coordinator, Montana State University-Northern
Ms. Mel. Edwards has a M.A. in Curriculum and Instruction from East Tennessee State University with an emphasis in storytelling. She's been an educator since 1991 and is currently a curriculum writer for Montana State University - Northern's College of Technical Science's diesel program.
Gamification is popular in higher ed. What it boils down to is motivating students to keep trying, reach new levels of accomplishment, and be successful. (All of these are things we do naturally when playing games because we love challenges, regardless of the number of attempts it takes to attain mastery.) One way to foster achievement is to offer rewards for each level of skill attained or accomplishment completed. Digital badges can be offered through LMSs for this purpose, and this, in return, may shift the learning landscape to a level that not only meets QM Standards but alters the outcomes for campus.
Learning Objectives
Learn, and understand, what open digital badges are and how they can increase student success in virtual as well as face-to-face classes.
Learn how to create and manage digital badges.
? Cross-Collaborate throughout campus for student success in student-services and academics using digital badges with the potential to shift academic grit, engagement, success, retention, and graduation outcomes.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer