New Directions for QM
A Quality Assurance Taxonomy for Online Education: A New Criticality Measure
Genevieve Boucaud, Associate Dean, University of the Southern Caribbean
Genevieve Boucaud
Associate Dean, Distance Education
PhD Educational Administration (Emphasis Technology/Statistics), AIIAS
MSc Education (Curriculum Instruction and Assessment), Walden
BSc Business Education, USC
Dissertation: Quality Assurance in Adventist Online Higher Education
The session presents a new Quality Assurance Taxonomy devised via a Delphi study with a panel comprising stakeholders in online higher education at the student, faculty, and administrative levels. The taxonomy can be used to facilitate both internal and external evaluations and inform quality standards, documents, practices, processes, and measurements. It introduces an interesting new concept not previously found in literature. Come hear about this critical new development that can help to shape the face of quality assurance in online higher education.
Learning Objectives
Describe the new quality taxonomy for online education.
Explain how the categorization system of the taxonomy works.
State how the taxonomy can be implemented in specific contexts.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer