Best Practices in Launching a QM Initiative
Rolling out Quality Matters on Our Campus
Raleigh Way, Assistant Director, Georgia Southern University
Raleigh has been in online course and faculty development since 1998. He runs the Center for Online learning (COL), where he oversees the operations of course and faculty development for online courses. The COL is also responsible for Quality Matters implementation on campus.
Peter Berryman, Instructional Designer, Georgia Southern University
Instructional Designer at Georgia Southern University. Internal Quality Matters program coordinator and trainer (APPQMR).
Stacy Kluge, Instructional Designer, Georgia Southern University
Stacy Kluge has been an Instructional Designer at the Centers for Teaching and Technology for the past seven years. Stacy has also been a Title III Grant Director and Assistant Professor of Information Technology at Middle Georgia State University in addition to working in corporate and public school educational settings.
Cynthia Odom Cooper, Instructional Designer, Georgia Southern University
I am an alumni and an Instructional Designer from Georgia Southern University. While attending school there, I obtained a B.S. in Education. Later, I pursued a master's in education from Walden University with an emphasis in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. My interest is assessment and the measurement of effectiveness.
The poster illustrates the timeline of events for launching a QM course review process at a comprehensive university. Steps include staff training, planning, faculty development, support materials, incentives, course reviews, faculty and staff reflections and implementation plans. The intent of this session is to assist participants with identifying viable strategies for initiating QM on their campuses. Special emphasis will be given to lessons learned by the instructional design staff, faculty and administrators along with the perceived benefits of the QM process.
Learning Objectives
Identify strategies for initiating QM on campus.
Compare and contrast various strategies for initiating QM on campus.
Adapt and apply the implementation model to fit the needs of their institution.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer