Best Practices in Launching a QM Initiative
Take the Next Step with a QM Faculty Learning Community
Kathy Bright, eLearning Support, Olympic College
Laurie Adamson, Faculty, Olympic College
Laurie is a QM Master Reviewer with a background in Student Development and a passion for online learning. She currently teaches a Digital Literacy course for students who are new to the virtual classroom. Laurie co-facilitated the QM Faculty Learning Community at Olympic College; she's eager to share her experiences!
Many faculty at this institution have completed the APPQMR training, yet seem unable to take the next step. A Faculty Learning Community (FLC) was created, giving faculty a place to discuss how to revise their courses to meet Quality Matters Standards. Learn more about the FLC structure, meeting agendas, materials used, and results. Participants will also be provided with several of the tools and resources that were developed for this Faculty Learning Community and will leave with a template for creating an FLC at their schools.
Learning Objectives
Identify the requirements for a successful QM Faculty Learning Community.
List tools, media, and instructional materials used, as well as the sequencing of meeting topics.
Evaluate the QM FLC model as an effective means of launching a QM initiative.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer