Leveraging the Power of Online Learning to Facilitate Quality Degree Completion
I'm NOT Teaching Public Speaking Online! Am I?
Lucy Kefauver, Instructional Designer, West Virginia Northern Community College
Currently the Instructional Designer on the Bridging the Gap grant at WV Northern Community College, Lucy holds an MA in Communication Studies and an MA in Instructional Design and Technology, both from West Virginia University. She is a Quality Matters certified Peer Reviewer and a WVCTCS Chancellor's Leadership Fellow.
This session takes the audience through the process of building an entirely online speech (public speaking) course and discusses other courses that may not appear to be online-appropriate at first glance. A work in progress, the online delivery of speech has taken place three times and is scheduled to continue. From course design to QM review to student registration and wait listing to the prerequisite skills needed for success in the course, this session covers the successes and growing pains involved in changing the delivery of this and other traditionally face-to-face courses.
Learning Objectives
Gain an appreciation for creative thinking in regard to what kinds of courses "belong" online.
Produce a brief work product listing courses that "can't" be delivered online along with the rationale for why they can.
Gain additional perspective on removing student barriers to completion.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer