Best Practices in Launching a QM Initiative
Flexible but not Flimsy: Addressing Standards Using a Personalized Faculty Pathway
Mary Bohman, Instructional Design Specialist, Winona State University
Mary Bohman is an Instructional Design Specialist at Winona State University. She is also a QM Peer Reviewer. Bohman has teaching experience in K-12 and higher education. She earned an undergraduate degree in Art Education and is pursuing a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership.
Robin O'Callaghan, Senior Instructional Designer, Winona State University
Robin O'Callaghan is a Senior Instructional Designer at Winona State University. She is a QM Peer Reviewer and Trainer for Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. O'Callaghan has 10 years of teaching experience; face-to-face and online. She earned
an undergraduate degree in Mass Communication and a Master's Degree in
Educational Leadership.
This session will present the WeTeach program, a model proven to be successful to engage faculty in a voluntary program supporting course design and integrating QM Standards. The program includes a flexible model with multiple delivery methods that address faculty's needs with personalized custom attention. This session will showcase the program's structure, project management tools and strategies, campus communication and promotion, and a brief overview of content topics.
Learning Objectives
Discuss how to incorporate QM Standards into a faculty development program.
Identify tools to help project, manage, and build a faculty development program.
Discuss techniques to support faculty through the process of designing and building an online course.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer