Best Practices in Launching a QM Initiative
Assuring Quality: A Team-Based Approach
Jennifer Redd, Interim Director, Academic Technology Department Operations, San Jose State University
Dr. Jennifer Redd is the Interim Director of Academic Technology at San Jose State University. She is an experienced teacher with specific expertise in teaching online. She is always looking at innovative ways to enhance the learning experience of students and to incorporate technology into the curriculum in meaningful ways.
Jennifer Madigan, Professor, San Jose State University
Dr. Jennifer Madigan is a Professor in the Connie Lurie College of Education, Department of Special Education at San Jose State University. She has taught online using various LMS formats for 14 years and has published articles on Universal Design for Learning and Mentoring.
This poster focuses on a team-based approach to the quality assurance of online courses that was implemented at a large university. The Quality Matters Rubric was used as a framework for assisting instructors in the revision of their online courses. Team leaders guided small groups of instructors through the process of course redesign. The guidance included providing feedback and support to instructors both during and after the completion of Quality Matters training. This session will provide examples and ideas on how to design and implement a team-based quality assurance program.
Learning Objectives
Understand of how the Quality Matters Rubric can serve as a framework for online course redesign and revision.
Gain knowledge of how to structure a team-based approach to the implementation of an online quality assurance program.
Have specific tools to assist them in the implementation of a team-based approach to quality assurance in online courses for their university or college program.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer