Next-Generation Technology Impacts on Quality in Online Learning
Coming Face-to-Face with Online Shortcomings: Using QM's Rubric to Retool an Online Course
Brenda Tuberville, Assoc. Professor/Coordinator of Dev. Studies, Rogers State University
Dr. Tuberville has been at Rogers State University for six and a half years as Coordinator of Developmental Studies, where she works with faculty and support services for all developmental education courses as well as coordinating the delivery of college success courses.
After completing a QM course on Applying the QM Rubric, the presenter came face-to-face with some glaring shortcomings in her own online Basic Writing course - problems with the way the course was designed, problems with the way the course site was laid out, and problems with the way outcomes and goals were communicated. Problems EVERWHERE! This presentation will highlight the changes that the presenter's course - and probably many other courses like it - had to undergo to make them QM-Rubric compatible.
Learning Objectives
Recognize what aspects of current online courses are not compatible with QM Rubric Standards.
Recognize what specific QM Rubric Standards need to be implemented to bring the course into compliance.
Implement the changes needed to bring the online course into compliance with the QM Rubric.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer