New Directions for QM
Addressing "Dark Side" Behaviors in Learners
Kelly Flores, Founding Dean, School of Applied Leadership, City University of Seattle
Kelly Flores is passionate about empowering learners to become intentional and inspired leaders who integrate innovative ideas and proven practices with theory, reflection, and critical analysis. She achieves this through quality curriculum, empowered faculty members, emotionally engaged students, and innovative technology integration.
The presentation includes a discussion of dark side tendencies in the online classroom, a review of basic needs, and a review of the behaviors that are exhibited when these needs aren't met. A series of proven practices educators can implement to minimize these behaviors in the classroom are discussed.
Learning Objectives
Recognize "dark side" behaviors in the online classroom.
Reflect on the roots of these "dark side" behaviors.
Discuss strategies for minimizing these "dark side" behaviors.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer