Measuring the Impact
Hearing Voices: Using Multiple-Perspective Feedback to Improve Course Design
Jiyu You, Director, University of Michigan
Dr. Peter You is the Director of Digital Education at Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. He is a QM certified peer reviewer, QM APPQMR workshop facilitator, QM course review manager. He is an adjunct graduate faculty at the University of Toledo serving on doctoral dissertation committees.
Jonee Lee, Instructional Designer/Assistive Technology Specialist, The University of Toledo
Jonee Lee joined UT Online-Learning Ventures in May 2014 as an Instructional Designer and Assistive Technology Specialist. In her dual role, not only does she assist faculty of University of Toledo in designing and developing quality online courses, but she also ensures that courses are ADA and Section 508 compliant.
Christopher Prevette, Instructional Designer, The University of Toledo
Christopher Prevette is an Instructional Designer for Learning Ventures at the University of Toledo. He is the consultant for the Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Natural Sciences & Mathematics, Health Sciences, Criminal Justice & Engineering. He has experience with designing and developing online courses that incorporate QM standards.
Ever have the same Standards keep showing up as "Not Met" across multiple reviews? Join this presentation to discuss how those tricky standards can be addressed. This session will cover how results from the QM Peer Review process can be used to tackle those difficult standards and ensure quality of new course development. This study examined two sets of data regarding the quality of new online course design: Peer Reviewer and student perspectives. Results show some Standards are not met from both perspectives. Lessons learned and ways for remedying the "Not Met" Standards will be explored.
Learning Objectives
Identify the Standards that are not met in the unofficial review - Peer Reviewer perspectives.
Identify the Standards that are not met in the online course design evaluation - student perspectives.
Explore ways to improve course design regarding the "Not Met" Standards in The University of Toledo's faculty development program.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer