Best Practices in Launching a QM Initiative
Holistically Forming Cohorts in Faculty Professional Development
Miley Grandjean, Instructional Consultant, New Mexico State University
Miley is an Instructional Consultant for the Instructional Innovation and Quality unit at New Mexico State University and a certified Quality Matters Master Reviewer for Quality Matters. She also teaches technical writing, business communication, developmental writing, and Cultural Identity and Representation Across the Media course for NMSU.
Michelle Lebsock, Instructional Consultant, New Mexico State University
Michelle is an Instructional Consultant with Academic Technology under Instructional Innovation and Quality at New Mexico State University. She is a certified Peer Reviewer for Quality Matters and also teaches online. Her focus is Canvas, Adobe Connect, and other A/V tools for online learning.
Faculty members and mentors from the Online Course Improvement Program at New Mexico State University will discuss the advent of holistically forming cohorts. They will share insight into the development process and the benefits and challenges of working within a discipline-specific cohort. The program will be examined to provide a framework for understanding the forming process. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a live and online Q & A and will be asked to share their experiences and ideas for online course development programs at their respective institutions.
Learning Objectives
Examine the benefits and challenges of holistically forming cohorts.
Identify strategies on how to foster holistic cohorts.
Demonstrate understanding of how other institutions are implementing professional development programs.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer