Leveraging the Power of Online Learning to Facilitate Quality Degree Completion
The Ultimate Oxymoron: Teaching Public Speaking Online
Patti Huber, Instructor, Madison College
Patti Huber, M.S.T., has been a member of the Communication and Performing Arts Department at Madison Area Technical College since 1998. Patti has been teaching online since 2007, and in May 2014 her online speech course was officially and nationally recognized as meeting all Quality Matters standards and expectations.
This session is a personal narrative, a "survivor's tale" of sorts, detailing the development of the presenter's online public speaking class. The idea of an online speech class seemed like the ultimate oxymoron when she was first approached about creating and teaching the course. The session will cover why she was asked to develop an online speech class in 2007, and it will explain how the course evolved into its current QM-approved state. The session will, in essence, provide a "that was then, but this is now" comparison/contrast of problems and successes experienced with the course.
Learning Objectives
Recall your college-level public speaking class experience.
Compare and contrast college-level public speaking class experiences.
Discuss the pros and cons of taking an online speech class rather than a traditional face-to-face course.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer