Best Practices in Launching a QM Initiative
An eLearning Academy Takes Flight: Propelling Our Program Toward Effective Implementation
Elizabeth Mascher, Instructor, Pittsburg State University
Elizabeth Mascher is an instructor in the Educational Technology Master's Program at Pittsburg State University. She is an EdD candidate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in online course delivery, currently completing her dissertation research in ensuring quality in the online learning environment.
Brenda Frieden, Director, Pittsburg State University
Dr. Frieden has prior educational experience including eight years as Director of Instructional Technology for the College of Education at Pittsburg State University; Co-program director for the Educational Technology Graduate Degree Program, teaching graduate and undergraduate online, hybrid, and face-to-face courses in educational technology; and 23 years in K-12.
Susan Dellasega, Instructional Designer, Pittsburg State University
The eLearning Academy instituted by Pittsburg State University is designed to improve the quality of online and blended courses through implementation of the Quality Matters Rubric and peer review. By providing an environment that supports the growth of academic learning communities and faculty networks, this cohort-style implementation meets current needs while building a solid foundation for ongoing support. This delivery style brings consistency to faculty development as well as to the creation and delivery of online courses to assure quality online learning experiences.
Learning Objectives
Apply an eLearning Academy model of implementation as it relates to their own institution.
Design a process of faculty support to develop or re-design courses that will relate to the institution's strategic plan.
Identify the benefits of engaging faculty in a cohort method of delivery for Quality Matters professional development.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer