New Directions for QM
Using the QM CPE Rubric as a Guide to Build an Online Teaching Certificate Course
Sarah Aldridge, Instructional Design and Technology Consultant, Ball State University
Sarah Aldridge is an Instructional Design and Technology Consultant in the Integrated Learning Institute (iLearn) at Ball State University. Previously, she has been a faculty member at both Ivy Tech Community College and Central Michigan University. She also adjuncts at Ball State.
Dan Jones, Instructional Designer, Ball State University
Dan Jones has worked in education for over 20 years. He has worked as a trainer in the corporate arena, managed the design and implementation of curriculum into technology training programs, and taught at the university level. In addition to teaching and work experience, Dan holds several certifications in technology.
Ryan Hornbaker, Instructional Designer, Ball State University
Ryan Hornbaker is an instructional designer at Ball State University's Integrated Learning Institute (iLearn), as well as an adjunct professor in the university's department of Information Systems and Operations Management. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Science in History, as well as a Masters of Business Administration from Ball State University.
A challenge that many online faculty face can be broken down into three areas: (1) they have never been online learners and cannot put themselves in the role of a student, (2) they have never taught online and/or (3) they are not comfortable using the tools within their Learning Management System (LMS). This presentation will review the year-long process of researching and prototyping to develop two courses, consistent with the QM CPE Rubric, that will help faculty succeed in the online environment.
Learning Objectives
Determine if building an online teaching certificate course for faculty at their institution would be feasible.
Evaluate an existing online teaching certificate course to determine which elements could be incorporated into a course at their institution.
Estimate how long it would take to build an online teaching certificate course.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer