Best Practices in Launching a QM Initiative
Making Quality Standard: Building a Sustainable Quality Assurance Culture and Establishing a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Rebecca Farivar, Curriculum Support Specialist, California State University, East Bay
Rebecca Farivar is the Curriculum Support Specialist in the Online Campus at California State University, East Bay. She has completed six QM workshops, including the Online Facilitator Certification.
Roger Wen, Director of the Online Campus, California State University, East Bay
Dr. Roger Wen is the Director of the Online Campus at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB). Before coming to CSUEB, Wen was a Tenured Professor of Education and Business. Wen has previously completed training with Quality Matters and am a certified course reviewer working on getting Master Reviewer status.
Let's be honest: the QM Rubric can be downright scary! One way to help faculty and IDs apply the Rubric is to establish a standard operating procedure (SOP). The goal of a SOP is to map each step in applying the QM Standards, giving the ID and faculty member an overview of the course development process. This session will first look at California State University - East Bay's current three-year quality assurance initiative and then examine the SOP developed to implement it. Participants will also be invited to share procedures established on their campuses.
Learning Objectives
Determine best practices in creating and using standard operating procedures for course development
Discuss how to establish standard operating procedures to develop courses according to the QM Rubric
Evaluate the steps used to implement QM Rubric standards during course development
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer