New Directions for QM
Why Fly Without a Net? The Role of Quality Matters Training and Support in Online Course Development
Darrin Jones, Instructional Developer, University of Northern Iowa
Darrin works with UNI's Instructional Development team.

UNI's Distance Education Instructional Development team draws from their 30 collective years of practical instructional design, development, and support experience. Diverse backgrounds are tied together by pride in faculty support. Passionate about both pedagogy and technology; they help experts share their expertise.
Madalina Tincu, Instructional Developer, University of Northern Iowa
Madalina Tincu is an instructional developer. Her doctoral studies on Educational Technology prompted her to design, teach, and develop online courses for the past 9 years. She enjoys working with faculty to paint their online canvas which builds upon her experience as an instructor, administrator, and resource to instructors.
Support for faculty is everything! This session will provide an overview of the collaborative online course development process offered at a comprehensive Midwestern university. The instructional development team will outline their online course award stipend-based process, pre-development instructor preparation with qualified Quality Matters facilitators, course development, implementation, and ongoing evaluation and support. This session will include an active dialogue with session participants; discussion will be encouraged throughout the presentation.
Learning Objectives
Compare and contrast online development models.
Analyze their own programs for improvement possibilities.
Use the information gained to enhance the level of collaboration and support at their own institutions.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer