Next-Generation Technology Impacts on Quality in Online Learning
Maximize Student Motivation and Engagement Through Technology
Ali Ahmad, Professor, New Mexico State University-Doña Ana
Ali is a founder and first president of New Mexico Distance Learning Association. He had been nominated for the USDLA Award, 2014 Outstanding Leadership. He received several awards for teaching excellence. He has presented in several conferences at the local, regional and national level to include QM.
The poster will show how a QM-certified course used unique, engaging strategies to meet the QM Standards. Participants will see how the presenter has created animated GIFs using a free software and used an existing Java applet to improve students' motivation and engagement. The presentation will show how to locate existing Java applets. It will include a demonstration of a sample Java applet assignment and quotes from students' feedback. Participants will be prepared to create their own engaging materials with the information presented in this session.
Learning Objectives
Create animated GIFs.
Locate existing Java applets.
Apply animated GIFs and Java applets in their courses.
Audience: Faculty 
Audience: Administrator
Audience: Instructional Designer