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Andi Boyd, Business Development Associate, Stirista Global
Andi Boyd is a millennial in all of its characteristic forms. She is highly educated, having graduated consistently at the top of her class and earning her Masters Degree directly after undergraduate school. She is idealistic and a risk-taker, having chosen to obtain that degree in Creative Writing. She is motivated by experiential, rather than material, gain. This includes time lived abroad, the acquisition of foreign languages, and a penchant for valuing learning something new over being comfortable.
Her latest learning environment has been in the world of Sales and Marketing, where she has been known to spend various hours on lead generation and content creation. Along with her fellow employees, she has helped Stirista Global LLC maintain its reach and success as a database and e-mail marketing business. Andi was able to bring her prior experiences to facilitate the work of Stirista and offer her insights and skills to the sales and marketing divisions of the company. While her previous experience would not fall under the same technical terms, her work as a Language and Culture Auxiliary in Spain and her various studies abroad required her to employ the tools necessary to reach people across a variety of borders, ages, languages, cultures, and histories. Andi also has several years of experience as a lecturer at the university level. Through this work she perfected the methods necessary for creating varied and novel environments where a diverse group of people must be interested, maintain attention, and come back for more. The make-up of her classes was primarily students of the millennial generation and therefore she has acquired an understanding of the appeals necessary to approach this age group.
Andi has presented at various conferences on a variety of topics particularly centered on diversity and culturalism. This includes the Native American Symposium in Albuequerque, New Mexico and the Multiculturalism Conference in Prairie View, Texas. She has extensi