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Josef Kottler, Partner/Creative Director, Sage Communications
Josef has been a magazine publishing executive, circulation marketer, and advertising copywriter for over 25 years. He originally launched the agency under the name Sage Associates in 1977. In 1979 he expanded the agency's functions to include publishing with the launch of Whole Life Times: The Journal for Personal and Planetary Health. In 1982, he added an expositions division entitled Whole Life Expo, which became the country's largest consumer health exposition through 2002. In 1986, Josef sold Whole Life Times to New Age Publishing (publisher of Body & Soul and Dr. Andrew Weil's Self Healing), where he joined the executive staff as Marketing Director and VP of New Business Development for twelve years. He reopened the agency as Sage Communications in 1998, with a strong focus on circulation marketing and print advertising. He is known as a leading expert on consumer marketing for magazines and as the pioneer of the innovative "Voucher Hybrid" package. Josef has writtten articles for The Circulator, a featured speaker at CM Magazine's annual conferences, Folio, and the 2004 PMA conference in London as well as Circ Day LA and the Canadian Circ Conference.