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Tom Bonderenko, Executive Director, Moveable Feast
Tom Bonderenko is Executive Director of Moveable Feast Inc. -- a 35-employee, $3.5 million-a-year charity that, among other things, provides at-no-cost nutritionally balanced and medically appropriate home-delivered meals to people with critical illness.

Thirty years of working in human services includes housing-related work, food programs, support services and advocacy. Bonderenko, a Baltimore City resident, sees housing, nutrition and health care as critically interrelated for the poor. His staff and network of 3,500 volunteers deliver up to 15,000 prepared meals a week and the makings of breakfast, lunch and dinner to 1800 clients in Baltimore City, the surrounding counties and the Eastern Shore. Originally founded as an HIV/AIDS organization in 1989, in 2014, Moveable Feast provided 780,000 meals to some 54000 households where individuals were living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, cardio vascular disease, renal disease,blood disease, diabetes, and life-threatening illnesses and conditions.