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Clinton O'Brien, Chief Operating Officer, Engaging Networks
Clint O'Brien is Chief Operating Officer of fundraising software platform Engaging Networks (www.engagingnetworks.net). Nonprofits worldwide use the Engaging Networks online platform to raise money, win advocacy campaigns and engage with supporters in smart, highly targeted ways. Previously, O'Brien spent nine years leading marketing for Care2, the online community of more than 26 million members taking action to support causes they care about. O'Brien worked to help nonprofit fundraisers to behaviorally target and recruit high volumes of new donors and opt-in supporters from Care2's huge membership. Prior to Care2, O'Brien headed business development for nonprofit TV network PBS, where he helped the organization and its member stations to choose online fundraising software in the early days of the Internet. During those years he also led the PBS Adult Learning Service, supplying video and online courses to colleges nationwide. Prior to PBS, O'Brien worked for seven years as a news reporter, first in Washington, DC and later as Moscow correspondent for AP and Newsweek, covering the Kremlin coup and USSR breakup from 1991-93. He holds a Wharton MBA and degree in History from Brown University, and lives near Washington, DC. He can be reached at [email protected]